The company was established in 2013 by shipping professionals who decided to invest in pro-active thinking and new technologies. Our philosophy since 2013 is driven by our company’s name. The PAS team believes that the ‘key’ to moving forward in this complex industry is by implementing the concept of ‘prevention’ – thus safeguarding life, property and the environment and at the same time enhancing the human element – by combining old school shipping with technology.

Since the founding of PAS all our projects, software products and services embrace state of the art technologies along with identification of operational or human element risks, modern auditing techniques, analysis and profiling. Our aim from the very beginning was to provide innovative tools and services to monitor performance, analyze, simplify and standardize procedures, ensure compliance with the rules, and enhance the human element factor by helping the shipping entities to maintain a safe working environment and fulfill their strategic goals.

From its early steps, Prevention at Sea was certified by Lloyd’s Register classification society under ISO 9001 for delivering marine risk assessment services for quality assurance as well as developing maritime software products, delivering maritime consultancy and training activities, with the aim to boost seamanship and technical knowledge, ensure compliance with industry’s requirements, expectations and set standards.
Significant role in this ongoing process holds the constant and strong relationship between the PAS team with major stakeholders and international Shipping organizations.


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